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Tape Duplication Systems

QuickCopy is the premier tape duplication system  for data / software distribution applications. QuickCopy systems are in use by the #1 maker of  PC software, the #1  maker of  PC hardware, and #2 maker of mainframe software.

QuickCopy is a complete production system for software and data distribution.


  • Duplicate Master tape to one or more Target tapes
  • Duplicate from Master Images stored on hard drives (local or network)
  • Multi-tasking for mixed jobs (e.g. duplicate 4mm and DLT simultaneously)
  • 100% Verification of all copies made at user option
  • MicroSoft NT Operating System and User Interface (GUI)
  • Available CD-R copying with QuickCopy-CD option

QuickCopy Systems are available for:


½ inch Cartridge:

3480, 3490, 3490E, 3590, 3570

DLT Cartridge:

TK85/86/87/88/89 2.6GB-70GB

DLT 2000,  DLT 4000,  DLT 7000, DLT 8000

½ inch Reel:

9-track / 3420: 1600 / 6250 BPI

8mm Cartridge:

2.3GB-14GB (8200-8505XL)

5GB-14GB (Eliant 820)

20GB-40GB (Mammoth 8900)

60GB-150GB (Mammoth II)

25GB-50GB (Sony AIT)

50GB-100GB (Sony AIT-2)

4mm Cartridge:


DDS-2 (4GB-8GB)

DDS-3 (12GB-24GB)

DDS-4 (20GB-40GB)

¼ inch:

QIC-24, QIC-120, QIC-150, QIC-525, QIC-1000, QIC-2GB, QIC-5GB, QIC-13GB,

Tandberg MLR & SLR

Travan Cartridge:

TR-4,  NS/8


14.5GB-21GB (MountainGate, Metrum 2150i)

- Main Product

- Tape Drives

- Tape Array

- CD Duplicators

- Magneto-Optical

- DVD-RAM Duplicator

- Tape-to-Tape

- Tape Duplication

- MediaServer

- Software

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