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Shaffstall Products - Tape Drives
M4 9914 Specs

9914 Quad Density 9-Track M4 Data's model 9914 is a full function 9-Track Open reel tape drive supporting all four of the IBM/ANSI/ECMA sanctioned recording formats, 800 (NRZ), 1600 (PE), 3200 (DPE), and 6250 (GCR) bit per inch.

The unit can provide a sustained data rate of 781 Kilobytes per second by virtue of it's nominal 125 inch per second tape speed. Tapes are easily and automatically loaded by simply inserting the media and closing the front door. Ease of use is further enhanced by an alphanumeric display which provides the user with operational and status information in plain English (or French or Spanish or German or Dutch, you choose).

Unit features either the industry "Standard" formatted interface, an optional 1 Mbyte buffer, or single-ended/differential SCSI-2. The 9914 is available for rack-mounting or with stand-alone desktop enclosure. This workhorse of a tape drive features emulations to attach to all popular host platforms and is easily reconfigurable to adapt to your requirements.

The compact, full-feature, high-performance 9-track tape system for complete data interchange, archive and backup operations.

  • Every 9-track format in a single drive
  • Low-cost 125 & 42 ips GCR
  • Fast, reliable, automatic tape loading
  • Buffered Pertec/Cipher interface
  • Standard SCSI or FAST SCSI (up to 2-MB buffer, single-ended or differential)
  • Up to 10 MB sec. data-transfer rate
  • Built-in diagnostics with 8-digit intelligent alphanumeric display
  • Connectivity options for most systems, including: IBM AS/400, RS/6000, PC, Sun, HP, DEC, ICL, Unisys, Silicon Graphics & Motorola
  • Rack-mounted or desktop versions

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