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DLT 7000 Specs
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Data Storage and Retrieval for Backup, Archive, and Near On-Line Storage Applications

The Market
With the growth of workgroup networking, enterprise computing, corporate intranets, and the Internet, dependable data backup, archiving, and storage are vital top-level concerns of every information manager. Quantum DLT 7000 half-inch cartridge tape drives address these needs by delivering dependable data storage and retrieval along with major advantages in performance and capacity versus all other products in their class. That's why today, the Quantum DLT 7000 is the tape system of choice for mid-range computers, network servers, high-end workstations, and mainframe environments running UNIX, NetWare®, and Windows® NT, as well as proprietary operating systems.

The Evolution of A Leader
We built the Quantum DLT 7000 on a very solid foundationthe same performance-proven linear recording technology, precision tape guiding system, and adaptive control mechanism of previous generation DLT drives. Then, we raised the standard even higher through a number of refinements and technical innovations. For instance, the DLT 7000 features a new, innovative Symmetric Phase Recording Technique (SPR) and a flexible four-channel recording system to achieve a native transfer rate in excess of 5 megabytes per second and a native capacity of 35 gigabytes (GB). The DLT 7000 also utilizes the same efficient, performance-proven data compression and advanced tape directory functionality used in previous generations of DLT products

Quantum Reliability and Data Integrity
performance and reliability. For instance, head life is rated at more than 30,000 hours. Media durability is estimated in excess of 1,000,000 media passes. To ensure complete data accuracy, the drive also features Reed-Solomon Error Correction Code, a 64-bit Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC), and parity checking on the SC SI bus and internal data path. This high level of precision and reliability is why you can always trust your data to a Quantum drive.

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