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Exabyte Mammoth Specs
Exabyte Mammoth Brochure

The recognized leader for UNIX® backup is also the #1 choice for Windows NT™. Certified by Microsoft® to be NT compatible, Exabyte Mammoth features 40-gigabyte compressed capacity and an astounding 360-megabyte-per-minute compressed data transfer rate.

Consistently reliable, compatible and economical, Exabyte tape drives integrate easily into virtually any system architecture. Exabyte has shipped more 8mm tape drives than any other company, and today the installed base of Exabyte tape drives and libraries exceeds 1.5 million units. The world's leading computer manufacturers and resellers acknowledge Exabyte as the premiere provider of tape storage technologies.

As a standalone drive or library component, Exabyte Mammoth meets market demand for higher reliability, improved performance and increased capacity.

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