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Shaffstall Products - Software-QuickTape

QuickTapeTM and QuickTape-TDTM

QuickTape and QuickTape-TD are the premier tape conversion/transfer software products.


  • Read and Write IBM/ANSI labeled/unlabeled tapes in EBCDIC, ASCII, and BINARY.
  • Read and Write Multi-Volume datasets.
  • Converts Single-Volume tapes to Multi-Volume Tapes
  • Converts Multi-Volume tapes to Single-Volume Tapes
  • Automatic creation DOS file names from those labels.
  • Utilities to perform data dumps and display in ASCII, EBCDIC, & HEXIDECIMAL
  • File search tapes based on full and partial names.
  • User interface is menu driven and command line driven.
  • Runs in DOS or in DOS window under Window's 3.1, 95/98, Win NT/2000.
  • Tape-to-Tape copy for off-site disaster recovery (eg: DLT to DLT, 4mm to 4mm, etc)
  • Tape-to-Tape copy-conversion (eg: 8mm to DLT, 4mm to 8mm, etc)
  • Copies Partitioned Tapes such as 4mm backups
  • Available "filters" to read unique tape formats
QuickTape-NLM is a NetWare based version of QuickTape-Plus. The software and tape drives run as a NetWare Loadable Module on NetWare 3.x , 4.x, and 5.x servers. Each client PC on the network can access the QuickTape-NLM utilities and the tape drive.
QuickTape AI will automatically initialize tape media such as 8mm, 3480, 3490, and 3490E cartridges. The user sets beginning VOL number and the number of tapes to be initialized, and QTAI will sequentially VOL-SER each tape.

QuickTape Conversion Filters:

QuickTape offers add-on "filters" to translate unique tape formats now in use.
    Reads Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX VMS backup tapes in both single and multi-volume. Save Set Files and directories are converted to DOS names and directories. Longer VMS names are truncated to file within DOS structure and QuickTape will record the full file name in the system log.
  • TAR & CPIO
    QuickTape offers filter modules for reading and writing UNIX tar (tape archive) and cpio (copy in/out) tapes to and from the DOS disk drive. The filters can also be utilized to convert tar and cpio disk files to and from DOS disk files.
  • SYS36
    Allows the reading of IBM SAVE/COPY tapes generated on IBM System 36 systems.
    Enables the reading of IBM AS/400 SAVE OBJECT backup tapes.
  • BRU
    The BRU filter for QuickTape restores DEC PDP-11 BRU (Backup Restore Utility) tapes to PC's.
  • Available for QuickTape, QuickTape-NLM, and QuickTape-AI

QuickTape-TD fielded data manipulation software
  • Reorganize data fields: delete, move, extract
  • Pack/Unpack numeric fields ( Comp, Comp3, and Zoned decimal)
  • Convert ASCII/EBCDIC
  • Output "comma-delimited" and dbf (dBase format)
  • Supports IBM and ANSI tape labels and unlabeled tape
  • Processes data from tape** and from hard drive

Perfect companion product to QuickTape

** most Windows configurations require QuickTape to read raw tape data and then process with QuickTape-TD from hard drive. Call Shaffstall for details

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