Shaffstall Corporation
Part # Product Description  Price
QuickTape Utilities    
QT QuickTape Data Transfer Conversion Utility                     795.00
QT is included with all QuickTape Systems
QuickTape-TD QuickTape-TD Data Extraction Utility                     795.00
QT-NLM QuickTape for Novell 3.x,  4.xx, and 5.x  Servers                  1,995.00
QuickTape-AI Vol-Ser Initialization Program                  5,000.00
Filters for QuickTape    
TAR Unix Tar Read/Write Filter for QuickTape                     495.00
CPIO Unix CPIO Read/Write Filter for QuickTape                     495.00
SAVOBJ AS/400 Save Object Read Filter for QuickTape                     995.00
SAVSET VMS Backup Read Filter for QuickTape                     995.00
SYS36 IBM Sys 36 Read Filter for QuickTape                     695.00
Master  Image Tapes on PC HD for copying                     300.00
BRU PDP-11 Backup / Restore read filter for QuickTape                  1,500.00
QT Software Bundles    
Bundle-Pack-1 QuickTape and QuickTape-TD                     995.00
Bundle-Pack-2 Bundle-Pack-1 plus all Filters listed above                  4,000.00
Bundle-Pack-3 QuickTape with TAR and CPIO Filters                     995.00
Maintenance Programs    
Level1-QT Updates and Technical Support  /  per year 25%
Mulit-License Discounts  
3+ Copies 3+ Licenses at same location 10%
3+ Maintenance Agrmnts 3+ Maintenance Agreements, same location 10%
Shaffstall Corporation August 2000