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Shaffstall Products - Tape Array

Tape Duplication for Disaster Recovery

QuickTape Array 40

The Missing LinkŪ in Tape Duplication for Disaster Recovery

Shaffstall's new QuickTape Array-40 makes any two tape drives a "tape array" capable of tape striping, tape mirroring, tape cascading, and off-line copy. Now make duplicate tapes of your backups in real-time or off-line after hours.

  • Tape mirroring (make two tapes during backup
  • Data Striping (double the capacity speed of your backups
  • Data Cascading (copy from tape 1 to tape 2 and double your capacity)
  • Off-line tape-to-tape copies of your nightly backups faster and off-line
  • Compatible with autoloaders
  • Copy 4mm, 8mm, DLT, 34xx, 35xx, AIT, SLR QIC, 
  • Copy to same or different format
  • Automatic 100% byte-for-byte verification
  • Push-button operation

Complete systems are available ready to plug&play or just buy the QTA-40 Tape Array Controller to use with your existing drives.

 Brochure: QTA-40 (pdf)

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