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QuickTapeTM MediaServer

-The Missing Link® in Data Interchange/Duplication-

The Ultimate Data Copying and Interchange Solution
Developed to provide an unmatched level of performance, flexibility, and simplicity. Shaffstall's MediaServer makes it possible to interchange and distribute data between unlike computer systems and over a wide range of media formats.
Features include:

  • High-Performance Tape Duplication
  • High-Performance CD-R Copying
  • Tape-to-Tape Conversion
  • Tape-to-CD-ROM Conversion
  • ASCII / EBCDIC Conversion
  • Conversion to dBASE file format
  • Conversion for DEC VMS save set DEC BRU
  • UNIX tar and cpio
  • IBM System 36, AS/400 Save Object, Mainframe Standard Labeled / Unlabeled
  • Automatic Tape Initilization (volume serial tape label)

Multiple Media Format Capable
MediaServer supports all popular tape formats including: 3480 / 3490 (18 track) and 3490E (36-track); 9-track; DEC TK50, TK85-87, DLT 2000, DLT 4000, DLT 7000; 4mm DAT DDS and DDS-2/3; 8mm 2.3GB through 40GB; QIC-24 through QIC 26GB; and Mountaingate 2150.

Multi-Data Format Support
The MediaServer easily converts and copies tapes written in ANSI and IBM standard formats, including labeled and unlabeled ASCII/EBCDIC/BINARY datasets. It even handles labeled tapes with combined ASCII/EBCDIC coding.

System software includes a number of translator programs or "filters" to assist the user in converting from many of the popular industry standard tape formats. These include UNIX 'tar' and 'cpio' archives from virtually any unix workstation or server; DEC VMS save set Backup tapes from VAX systems; DEC PDP-11 backup; IBM System 36 (SAVE/COPY), and AS/400 (SAVE OBJECT).

Tape Duplication
Easily make tape copies from an original tape inserted in one tape drive to blank tape(s) inserted in other drives. Enter the number of copies needed, and begin. Nothing could be simpler. Make copies of your tape backups for off-site storage. Make perfect copies often at speeds several times faster than the original backup session.

CD-ROM Copying
Easily create and make CD-ROM's. Enter the number of copies needed, and "GO".

Tape Initialization
Initialize one or a hundred thousand tapes in sequence and automatically. This is the perfect application for the data-center mainframe that is too busy to be bothered with tape initialization. It can also check pre-intialized tapes for correct vol-ser number.

Shaffstall Corporation builds-to-order media conversion/duplication systems under the MediaServer product line. Shaffstall will build, test, and install QuickTape MediaServers with any combination of tape drives and CD-ROM recorders.

QuickTape MediaServer brochure (PDF): (81KB)

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