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Shaffstall Products - CD Duplicators
Cd-11 Specs

  • Fast CD-R Copier, CD-11 copies six (6) CD's per hour.
  • The CD-11 is a standalone system. No PC is required.
  • One-button control lets non-technical staff operate the CD-11 effortlessly.
  • No more extra time wasted copying data to the HDD and then to the target discs, these units copy directly to the target discs from a master disc "on the fly".
  • Using the "COMPARE" function, the master and the target discs are compared on a "bit by bit" basis to ensure 100% accurate copies.
  • Using the unit as an external CD-R drive, you can quickly make a master. With this master you can create targets easily and quickly.
  • If you are copying audio and or data CD's, the CD-11 will do it simply and easily.
  • The CD-11 is backed by a one-year warranty from Shaffstall Corporation

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