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Shaffstall Product Summary








Tape Products:

Data Conversion and Interchange:

  • QuickTape and QuickTape-TD read/write/convert information stored on tape and disk drives.  They perform code conversion, fielded data manipulation and conversion of unique tape formats including AS/400 and VMS backup tapes and unix tar/cpio formats.
  • ReelExchange enables unix systems to read and write IBM / ANSI mainframe tapes including IBM labeled variable blocked tapes

Tape Duplication and Copying:

  • QCT software duplicates tapes on Window's 95/98/NT/2000 PC's
  • QCT Tape-to-Tape systems make perfect copies of any tape for off-site disaster recovery.
  • QuickCopy-Tape Multi-Drive tape duplication systems make multiple copies of tapes for data and software distribution applications
  • QuickTape-Array 40 make on-line and off-line duplicate copies of tapes for off-site disaster recovery

Tape Drives for data storage and data interchange:

  • 3480/3490/3490e (M3488E) drives from Fujitsu
  • 3590 (M8100) drives from Fujitsu
  • 4mm DAT from Sony
  • 8mm Eliant and Mammoth from Exabyte
  • 8mm AIT from Sony
  • 9-track reel drives from M4 DATA
  • Link to Drives

Shaffstall MediaServer:

  • Customize solution for data-centers to copy, convert, and initialize tapes

  • Conversion of tape to CD and DVD

  • Duplicate CD

CD Duplicators

MediaForm CD-R Duplicators:

  • Multi-drive manual load systems (2-16 drives)
  • Auto-loading with and without in-line printers
  • On-demand CD publishing systems

Shaffstall CD Duplicators:

Magneto-Optical / DVD-RAM Duplicators

Please feel free to learn more about our product line, and Contact Us with any questions.

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