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Shaffstall News

QuickTape tape utility compatible with Linux

QuickTape has been certified to run in DOS window under the Linux OS.  QuickTape (DOS) runs in DOS, and in a DOS window under Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, and 2000.

Shaffstall QTA-40 Tape Array

Now available from Shaffstall is the QuickTape Array-40 Tape Array data storage system.  The QTA-40 provides data (tape) mirroring, data striping, cascading, and off-line tape copying in an easy-to-use package. Shaffstall QuickCopy-CD CD Duplication Systems go to 12X speed:

QuickCopy-CD duplicators now incorporate Plextor 12X Plextor CD-R.  A full CD (650MB) is copied in about six (6) minutes.

QCT Tape-to-Tape Copy Systems:

Shaffstall is shipping QCT Tape-to-Tape tape copy systems for disaster recovery applications. QCT systems make exact tape copies of system backup tapes for off-site storage.

Systems are available to copy 4mm, 8mm, DLT, 34xx, 35xx, AIT, SLR QIC, 9-track (3420), and 19MM tape media.

Automation systems (auto-loaders) are available for unattended operation.

QuickCopy-Tape Professional Systems:

Shaffstall is shipping QuickCopy-Tape Pro Tape Duplication Systems.

Shaffstall has updated its QuickCopy Tape Duplication Systems with MicroSofttm Windows NT.The change will enable the systems to be configured with very large capacity disk storage, including RAID, for the storage of master image files.

What sets QCT-Pro systems apart from other products is multi-tasking.  A single system can duplicate multiple format simultaneously. Jobs do not have to be batched by media type. This creates a tremendous savings hardware/software investment as well as scheduling rush jobs.

QCT-Pro systems are available in desktop and rackmount configurations. Contact Shaffstall for additional details.

QuickTape Version 7 released:

Version 7 of QuickTape is now shipping. QT is a Data Interchange and Tape Copy Utility for PC's. It is a DOS application that runs on DOS 6.2, Win 3.x, Win 95, Win 98, NT.

Version 7 update includes support for the following drives:

Fujitsu M8100 - 3590 cartridge drive
Sony SDX-300 - 8mm AIT cartridge drive
Tandberg NS8 - 4/8 Gig Travan drive
Tandberg NS20 - 10/20 Gig Travan drive
Tandberg SLR5 - 4/8GB QIC drive

Version 7 provides for large block size support.

QuickTape can support block sizes larger than 64K (65535 bytes), the limit of most other PC based data interchange programs. Large block sizes enable QT to run tapes from many systems that routinely use large block sizes such as HP's HP-UX and IBM's AS/400's.

QuickTape Version 7 is Y2K compliant

QuickCopy-Tape (QCT) 32-bit for Windows 95/98 and NT:

QuickCopy-Tape 2-drive enables high-speed tape-to-tape duplication between two like or different tape drives. It's ideal for making a binary 1-to-1 copy of backup tapes for off site disaster recovery. QCT-2 supports most SCSI tape drives and SCSI cards.

Part Number: QCT-2
Price: $995.00

IBM 3590 Compatible Tape Drive model M8100 from Fujitsu:

Fujitsu announces its first 128-track 3590 compatible tape drive, the M8100. This new drive reads and writes 3590 30GB tapes at speeds of up to 40MB/sec. All of this in a desktop package. The M8100 even utilizes the highly reliable autoloader of the M2488.

The M8100 is available now.

Shaffstall ships QuickCopy-MOTM Magneto-Optical Disc Duplicator:

QuickCopy-MOTM copies 3.5 inch magneto-optical in all densities from 128MB to the latest 640MB. The system will copy from one (1) to twenty (20) M-O disks simultaneously, providing unmatched production capability.


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